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AZIELS TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD, understands what it takes for a company to hire the right professional for the right position and we have developed a comprehensive and continuously growing database of highly qualified candidates in a variety of industries. The result of our efforts has created a loyal client base that utilizes our services on a continual basis. Our firm's success is attributed to being highly focused, well managed, and adaptable to the ever changing marketplace. Gaining a full understanding of a client's organizational background, culture and vision, along with a detailed job specification, allows us to find the perfect competency fit, as well as matching team qualities and personalities. This is achieved by several processes, including thorough induction processes and candidate assessments, and behavioral interviewing methods. These are followed by comprehensive candidate reports and "supervisor specific" reference checking. Some of the services we provide for our valued clients are:

  • Highly competitive placement fees
  • We recruit on contingency - client only required to pay full fee after candidate’s guarantee period is completed
  • Flexible guarantee period - depending on client’s fee structure
  • Written agreement guaranteeing “Terms & Conditions” for all parties concerned
  • A large and current database of highly qualified candidates on all levels
  • Comprehensive reference checking
  • Ability and experience to recruit any potential candidate in any industry
  • Providing a proven track record of professional, personalized and prompt service since 1987 - see Client Testimonials
  • Client visitation to determine intangible information including suitable candidate personality traits to match the client/organization’s requirements
  • Use of our executive office facility to conduct confidential interviews
  • Ability to refer client to an external 3rd party, if requested to do criminal checks

__We provide permanent search and placement services for:
  • Executives & General Management
  • Accounting Management & Support Staff
  • Administration & Office Support
  • Sales Representatives (Inside & Outside), Telemarketers, Sales Coordinators
  • Marketing Management & Coordinators
  • Customer Service Representatives (Business to Business & Call Centre)
  • Operations Management & Support Staff
  • Logistics / Transportation / Supply Chain / Warehouse Management
  • Production Management & Support Staff
  • Engineers (Chemical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical)
  • Construction Management (Estimators, Project Management)
  • Architectural Staff (Designers, Drafters, Technologists, etc.)
  • Information Technology & Support Staff (Programmers, Network Admin, Tech Support, Web Design, etc.)

We specialize in the following industries:
  • Wholesale (Consumer Packed Goods, Consumer Goods & Equipment)
  • Distribution (Consumer Goods, Automotive, Industrial Products & Equipment)
  • Manufacturing (Consumer Goods, Industrial Products & Equipment)
  • Accounting (Corporate & Private companies, Public Accounting Firms)
  • Service (Food Service & Hospitality)
  • Construction (Corporate)
  • Supply Chain Management (Logistics, Warehousing)
  • Retail (Corporate)
  • Real Estate Development / Property Management
  • Software Development
  • Telecommunications

Some of the successful placements we have made over the past 12 months:
  • General Manager - Powder Coating/Plating Processing Company
  • Managing Director - Office Furniture Manufacturer
  • National Sales Manager - Automotive Parts Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Regional Sales Manager - Touring Bus Manufacturer
  • Sales Manager - Security Guard Service Company
  • District Sales Manager - Chemical/Janitorial Manufacturer/Distributor
  • Account Director - Consumer Packaged Goods Wholesaler/Distributor
  • National Account Manager - Construction/Roofing Manufacturer/Distributor
  • Operations/Plant Manager - Construction/Roofing Manufacturer
  • Plant Manager - Construction/Building Materials Manufacturer
  • Production Control/Plant Manager - Expansion Joints/Sealant Manufacturer
  • Buyer - Consumer Packaged Goods Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Technical Sales Representative - Industrial Paint Manufacturer 
  • Sales Representative - Window & Door Manufacturer
  • Executive Administrative Assistant - Electronics Manufacturer/Distributor

Should a client request a background check on potential employees, we can refer these services to a reliable third party/associate firm, for a nominal fee. This investigative service can include checks on:
  • Employment verifications
  • Security checks
  • Credit checks
  • Academic background verifications

Benefits of a background check:
  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize your time
  • Preserve your corporate reputation
  • Avoid legal action
  • Increase productivity

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