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Reference Screening

Verifying employee references is necessary to ensure that the candidate fits in well the role that is been offered. Professional references are contacted to gather information regarding the candidate's capabilities, ethics, and work record.

How is Reference Verification conducted?

    Employers typically do reference checks by asking the candidate for two to three references (mostly from academic/professional domains) and then either calling up these references or sending a questionnaire over email. The points covered in the feedback can vary depending upon the job profile, seniority, and nature of responsibilities. We have a comprehensive set of questions that the clients might chose from or the list may be customized based on the clients' requirements.
    Some of the questions are:
  • Nature and duration of association
  • Candidate's skills
  • Candidate's attitude
  • Candidate's performance, result orientation
  • Candidate's strengths and weaknesses
  • Candidate's behavior and character
  • Any issues encountered

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