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Employment Screening

Many candidates fake their employment history to get better jobs, higher salaries, and better designations. They do so firstly because they are in a hurry to make good money and do better than their peers and, secondly they know that the system would allow them to get away with it. This trend has caught on majorly in the IT and the banking industry. Employment verification in India is important to validate if a candidate has been working for the tenure, role and salary indicated on the resume. The process involves contacting Human Resources / Payroll department in previous employers to accurately determine the candidate's work history.

Why Pre Employment verification Service?

  • Candidates falsify dates of employment for hiding periods of unemployment, by extending the period of employment with a specific employer. Sometimes this is done to cover up periods of imprisonment.
  • The position, salaries, and responsibilities are exaggerated.
  • The reasons for quitting are manipulated.
  • The experience stated may turn out to be fictitious.

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